Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I must be have not have been loved as a child to voluntarily want to do this

Got the official email from the mountain cabin lady. We are set for July. Now to map a bike route. Put together a simple ride based simply on road map and had a look @ the elevation profile.

I must be insane! I have one good ride up a few 9% 1 mile hills and think this is a good idea? I can honestly saw I'm a little intimidated but excited at the prospect of preparing for this ride or one similar. I think this can honestly be counted as an epic ride even though it is less than 30 miles long.

Repeats on Hanging Rock, Pilot Mountain, and Sauratown are going to be a must. I shall suffer immensely, curse each pedal stroke, beat myself up for even thinking this was a good idea and then bask in the glory of having done something awesomely difficult.

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