Friday, April 29, 2011

Breaking the barrier

This was the group ride I was expecting the first time I went out.

From the start, I was feeling the pressure. My legs were not feeling strong all week so I made the decision before the ride to not do a pull and just practice sitting in the peleton. That turned out to be a very good decision. Everytime I looked down at the cyclometer (different from Wednesday's and actually worked), we seemed to be travelling at 35+ kph. On the way to the regrouping point we crossed the Yadkin river and headed up the other side. The last time this hill was easy. Not last night. I was under pressure. Not enough to cause me to drop back or standup but I definitely felt the effort.

The route was very similar to last time, but a little shorter (55K vs 62K) so the route was more familiar and I had a sense of how much effort I was acually putting in. While I kept the cadence high and had no difficulty keeping anyone's wheel, my HR felt higher than I would have liked. 

When we returned to the Yadkin river and started up what riders call "turbohill" the "racing" began. It started ok but the pressure never letup. I got closer and closer to the redline but was holding my own. As the hill continued, it became more difficult holding the wheel. Then the pace picked up again. I simply could not lift mine.

Suddenly I was off the back. We were about 5-7 K from the end and I knew my way back so there was a very brief thought of just sitting up and cruising in. But then I thought, "Why not try what I did last night and settle into a sustainable steady rhythm"? The group was going faster than me but they also contantly changed speed so it was not unrealistic to think I could maybe get back on. As the meters passed beneath my wheels I saw more and more riders fall off the back in front of me. Now I had some rabbits. These riders were not sitting up, so I really had to keeping working, focusing on my form, a steady cadence, and regular breathing. I slowly reeled one back and closed within a few meters of another before the finish and everyone sat up and soft pedalled back the final 1 K.

This is what I was expecting to happen last time so I wasn't disappointed. However, satisfaction with my performance quickly turn to joy when I checked the cyclometer. My average speed was 33+ kph! In old school money, I crossed that psychological 20 mph barrier. This was my fastest ride ever and on a 55K ride!

So, while I was on the rivet from the moment I started turbohill, the fact that I kept up as long as I did was damn impressive for me.

Distance: 55.81 km
Speed:  33.15 kmh (20.6 mph!)
Cadence: 79 rpm
AVG HR:  ?? bpm
Weight:  202.6 lbs

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Data scarcity: Part II

Wednesday's ride data is brought to you by "NoData ". When you want to be completely in the dark about your ride, rely on "NoData " to give you exactly what you want. It appears that the connection between the cyclometer and the front wheel sensor has broken. Shortly into the ride I realized I was just getting cadence. No speed, time, or distance. Nothing. Grr. I hate it when I rely on tech and it fails.

To compensate, I took a quick look at my phone for "start time" and again at the end for a best estimate. I had the route distance from several weeks ago so I could get a pretty good estimate. This would have been fine except at the end of Lap 2 someone got a flat and so we took an unkown amount of time to get him back on the road. So, today's numbers are clearly an under estimate of my speed.

We had a much smaller starting group (~6) but we picked up several riders on the road so we had 10-14 at various points on the ride. Further,  tonight was not a "recovery" ride. It was windy, we had regular showers with big heavy raindrops and I had an elevated HR rate for a good part of each "easy" loop. I made a point of not taking a pull after I brought everyone from Hampton road to the first turn  (~3.5 K) and even then it was an effort to sit in.

On the last loop a rider went off the front as we came off the dip and no one caught her. I started 3 or 4 back and there were gaps between all of us but I was able to bridge up to number 2 and after a short downhill, powered past when the grade went positive again. I settled into a rhythm to try and bridge. I knew it was not going to be easy, but I tried to find a pace fast enough to bridge but not completely blowup. I pulled back some distance but eventually went into the red so I dialed it back a notch and accepted I would not catch her. On the positive side though, I did not blowup and continued pushing a hard steady tempo @ ~90rpm, just at a slightly lower effort. While she continued pulling away, it was not as fast as I expected so I was satisfied with that last effort.

On the way back to the shop I asked her how hard she was going, girding myself for something like, "Oh, it was a recovery ride, so only 80%". But she said she was going all out and hit 45 kph at some point so I must have been doing something similar, maybe 2-3 kph slower.

Really miss my Garmin :(.

Distance: 41.3 km
Speed:  27.23 kmh
Cadence:  ?? rpm
AVG HR:  ?? bpm
Weight:  201.8 lbs

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An opportunity disguised as a problem

Sunday was the first day on the road without the garmin. I planned on a long ride but, while it was sunny and warm, it was too windy to be very fun for long. So, just went for 30K and tried to get a feel for what efforts felt like when I did not have my HR available. The transition back was more difficult than I imagined. I overcooked early hills but by the end I got a better feel for how I had to dose my effort.

I figure about the time I've successfully transitioned back to riding without HR data should be about when I get the garmin returned. But, my first ride back I will hide the HR data and ride like "normal" to examine the HR data later. I'll test of my effort judging ability. An opportunity disguised as a problem.

Distance: 32.12 km
Speed:  26.15 kmh
Cadence:  82 rpm
AVG HR:  ?? bpm
Weight:  202.4 lbs

Monday, April 25, 2011

Data Scarcity

Data is going to be a little sparse the next few weeks. Sent off the garmin for warranty repair and it's going to take 10-14 days to get her back. It's surprising to me how dependent I've become on my HR reading to gauge my effort. It should be an interesting problem and opportunity to transition back to riding without it and see how I do.

Saturday's ride was on the Kona 29er with Eric around Salem Lake. The ride itself was fun although the trail as soft from the the rain. We were not screaming around the trail but we did put in a good effort and finished the long trail in under an hour and 10 minutes. Eric said his goal if to complete this loops in under and hour by the end of the summer. That should be a crazy ride.

Distance: 19.29 km
Speed:  22.5 kmh
Cadence:  ?? rpm
AVG HR:  ?? bpm
Weight:  201.2 lbs

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cock of the block

Definitely earned myself a rest day Thursday. Wednesday's ride was the 7th in 8 days. After the stellar ride Tuesday, I was expecting the second Clemmons bikeshop group ride to be a little tough. Legs were a little sore from Tuesday but I figured I could do just the 3 regular laps and head back if I wasn't feeling great. The ride ended up being a bit of a surprise.

The big boys were not out on this ride but there were 15-20 riders and I sat in for the first lap until the dip. Coasting down, passing everyone on the way backup (due to my exceptional descending skills, AKA "mass"), I ended up at the front. So I did a pull. Keeping the goal/intention of a recovery/beginner ride in mind I settled in and just did a long steady pace, letting my HR get up to 84-86%. As I pulled off I received, what I consider, my first "deserved" compliment. "Nice pull", said this guy I later came to know as Will. As I faded back, feeling a little glowy.  I thought I did a god job and having someone concur with my assessment made me feel good (hence the use of the word "deserved"). The group was together and everything was cool.

On the second lap, Will did some monster pulls and I got into the mix and we ended up with a group of 4 off the front by the end. But, either due to the lead guy dialling it back or the main peleton ramping it up, we got back together for the third lap and I spent a little time in the middle of the pack.

Surpisingly, not actually that fun. There was a lot more braking, shifting, and other bike related manoevering compared to being at the front. After recovering a little I got off the front again after the dip and we got another group of 5-6 off the front. This was really fun as I did a good pull, faded back and got sucked along like I imagined should happen in a good working group.

On last lap about half the rider headed home and the rest ramped up the speed. We stayed together to the dip and on the final drag we started with 5-6 doing the work off the front. Then 4. Then 3. Will, myself and one other. I did a long pull, then Will came through, again complimenting my pull but then putting me to shame with his effort. I called him a "beast in our midst" as he faded back. The third person did her bit and pulled but she was barely hanging on and pulled off after 20-30 seconds. Kudos for hanging. I have sooooo been there. Absolute respect for the effort.

It was now just me and Will.

I came up and got focused, keeping a steady 90 rpm cadence and letting the HR drift up to 92-93%. I wasn't interested in winning. I just wanted to put everything on the road and see what I could do. As I pulled off, Will again said I put him in a world of hurt and, given what he did last time, was expecting to really suffer. But he just kept the pace and while my HR did not decrease, I did experience some relief and he did not surge away. On my pull we were coming to the end of the lap and I wanted to finish it out. I put my head down, focused on "steady, steady, steady" and went to the end.

As I approached the finish I looked behind me and I had left Will 100m behind. Fucking A! What an awesome feeling. I maxed myself out and came in 1st! Freaking Cock 'o' the Block! It did not matter that the big boys weren't out. I won.

I won?! What a truely extraordinary feeling. I think I had an adrenalin rush for an hour afterwards.

Distance: 40.52 km
Speed:  30.49 kmh
Cadence:  87 rpm
AVG HR:  151 bpm
Weight:  199.4 lbs

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ego Boost

Oh so happy!

I decided to try the 17-20 mph group ride with the PFBC after several weeks of riding the 14-17 mph social ride. My experience last week on the Clemmons bike shop ride was positive enough that I could accept being dropped from this ride if it happened and, if I wanted to improve, I need to ride with this group.

None-the-less I was nervous. This was a 56K ride on roads I've never ridden, in a new group. All day my stomach was in knots. My over active imagination racing through different scenarios and what I would do in each. Forcing myself to remember that it would be OK to be dropped and why. I didn't want to be dropped but I had my mental defenses ready.

It did not start well. The group rolled out @ 6pm sharp and I arrived about 3-4 minutes before 6 so I was still getting my shoes on, garmin on the bike etc. as they rolled. EEK! What if I never get back on? What if I arrive at the regroup spot just as they left and I didn't have time to recover from the hill I was worried about getting over?

Fortunately, two others came back to pick up something they had forgotten so I ended up having someone to pace my up to the group, which was a relief since I had no idea where I was going. We got back on before the river and the climb up the other side was surpisingly easy. I was expecting the pack to explode but I didn't even have to get out of the saddle. I kept good regular cadence in the big ring and was even able to slow up in places to avoid crossing the wheel in front of me.

The regroup was quick and I was still worried about getting dropped somewhere along the ride. I had looked at the profile and there were a few short steep sections and if faded back I might have been left behind. Maybe the easy speed to the regroup point was simply a warmup before really hammering it. So, I rode near the front. It was a group of about 40 riders of all ages, ranging from university students to a grandmother. The roads were flatter than the ones around home so as I got going I was able to relax a little. Confidence started to build that I could keep up and even had a second or two of thinking that this was not difficult enough. Maybe I should try the faster group. I did a few pulls, but each time I pulled off before I went into the red zone since I had no idea how far we were from home and wanted to have something in reserve.

As we headed back, we had to cross a bridge at 40K, but it had been closed and we could not even hike the bikes across. So we had to retrace our steps, back up the hill an add 5K to the ride with even more climbing. The light was starting to fade but we stepped up the pace and I still had no difficulty keeping up. the HR got up there a few times but it was always manageable and I never felt under pressure. I always felt there was room to shift down and spin faster or up and slower depending on whether it was the legs or heart that felt under strain.

We eventually returned to the original river crossing. I knew how to get back but from here but it was 10K of almost contstant uphill after already putting in 50K. Could I do it? The legs were beginning to feel the effort and some sections steeper than others. However, the folks doing the pulling did an awesome job of pace setting and there were even parts where those at the back were calling for the pace to pick up...and I was good with that.

By the end of the ride I was feeling tired but very happy. I never got dropped I climbed fine, I did 2 pulls, came in with the first group, got personal best speed, and longest ride this season (follow the link for stats and details on the funky cool new site I found for tracking rides).

Distance: 61.55 km
Speed:  30.61 kmh
Cadence:  87 rpm
AVG HR:  159 bpm
Weight:  201.2 lbs

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm all a twitter with excitement

Just a short ride to get some distance in the legs and to test what I learned yesterday.

I did the same route as April 11, attacking the hills when the grade became greater than 3% and trying to maintain 60-70 rpm but sitting down when it wasn't and transition back to a higher spin of 80+ rpm. I can't say it was perfect but I did the first 10 K 1.8 kph faster and the second 10 K 1.6 kph faster.

Also, on a mixed note, my Edge 500's locking tabs snapped off yesterday so I had to tape it to the bike until I can find a repair solution. But, I also discovered the can actually give turn by turn directions on the fly (when used with a website that adds the cue sheet info directly into a downloadable file). It works! I'm all a twitter with excitement.

Distance: 20.46 km
Speed:  27.35 kmh
Cadence:  81 rpm
AVG HR:  161 bpm
Weight:  201.8 lbs

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A nice follow up

Personal best average speed on the Centenary Church Loop route today, and pretty dang close to a personal best overall. Two things seemed to fall into place today. One, I found a rhythm that allowed me to keep a steady cadence doing the full stroke while in the saddle without sending my legs into lactic acid overload. Two, I found a rhythm that allowed me to attack the hills, getting out of the saddle when the grade went over 3-4% but not red-lining it. When the grade backed off and I sat back down I still had the strength to straight back into a strong steady cadence. It kept the progress a whole lot steadier.

Distance: 32.67 km
Speed:  29.01 kmh
Cadence:  82 rpm
AVG HR:  147 bpm
Weight:  203.1 lbs

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Full on Cadence

Windy Friday. I don't know how but I seemed to have a head wind both freakin' directions. I must have been in the eye of a storm or something. There was maybe a km or 2 when I had a tail wind.

Set out to do an endurance ride and maintain my cadence for the full duration. With the exception of slowing for intersections and maybe one or two other spots I was successful. I also maintained my spin up the hills and even spent a little practice out of the saddle @ 60-70 rpm. Those were OK but it is clear to me that these hills are way too short to really practice getting into a rhythm and learning how to dose my effort. Hanging rock is a definite must in the not too distant future.

Looking at the last time I rode 50K my average speed was the same which had me a little bummed but then I remembered that I had already ridden 70K in the previous two days while I had ridden just 40K the day before when I rode 50K in March. So I felt a little better.

Distance: 50.13 km
Speed:  27.39 kmh
Cadence:  85 rpm
AVG HR:  166 bpm
Weight:  201.2 lbs

Friday, April 15, 2011

Group Practice

Fun ride tonight. With our glorious leader Bob holding down the back end of the ride for the more leisurely inclined, I had the responsibility of covering the front. I've ridden the route twice now and know the route so when a new rider, keen to going faster, went of the front I jumped across to catch up with him and another new to the route, holding them up at the regrouping spots, and putting in some long pulls when we got going. I figured it was a good opportunity to practice judging how fast those behind me could go without yo-yoing or completely dropping them. Did better than past efforts and it was fun working with people of similar ability. On the last part of the course I got to spend a little time in the 90% MHR range without blowing up and ended up doing an OK pace.

Distance: 30.27 km
Speed:  28.17 kmh
Cadence:  85 rpm
AVG HR:  151 bpm
Weight:  199.8 lbs (second time below 200 this year so pretty happy with that too)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New personal bests

On one of my earlier PFBC rides, people were telling me about the Clemmons Bike shop Wednesday ride. I was told that it was a repeated loop, with each loop being faster than the previous and that you could do as much as you could handle and be done. Sounded like just the thing to gauge of my abilities and to see when I improved. So last night I gave it my first try.

It was lots 'o' fun. Definitely going to be doing this on a regular basis. The first 3 loops were easy and each slightly faster than the previous. First loop completed @ 28.4 kmh, the second @ 29.1, and the 3rd @ 29.7. On the last lap the hammerheads went to town and was the whole reason for going. I did not expect to keep up but I would at least know where/when I would get dropped and have a marker for later comparison.

Frankly, I was quite surpised at my performance. The first part of the loop was simply more speed and no problem keeping up. I spent most of my time just monitering those in front so that I could jump across if a split happened. The real push came as we went down the one fast descent and up the other side @ 33.5K. Given my mass, I coasted past pretty much everyone and flew by several others on the way up who were pedalling. I did nothing but navigate around them in a tuck. Once we got to the top it was a long gradual uphill to the end. I began near the front but wasn't sure what the deal was so I just followed the wheel in front. Very shortly though the big boys came through and I jumped onto their wheels.

The speed kept ramping up and up and I was keeping a good steady effort with little difficulty. Then the person in front of me cracked and pulled out. A gap had been forming and he couldn't hold the wheel. This meant I had to close a 2-3 bike length gap to the group travelling @ 40+ kmh. I leaned into it and slowly started to bring it back.

3 lengths. 2 lengths. 1.5 lengths. Definitely feeling the effort. 1.25 lengths. Heart pounding. Can't get closer. But I don't give up. I hold that position until about 800 m from the end and have to pull out. The guy behind goes past and gives an appreciative "Thanks for the awesome pull man" and the original guy off the front fades back to me and this other guy and we wheeled into the finish fast but just not quite as fast as the front group. In retrospect I realized I should have gotten out of the saddle to try to finish off the gap; rookie mistake. We finished that lap @ 34.9 kmh. Here is the link to the details should you be interested.

Given it was my first time on the ride, I'm still recovering from the chest cold and I had no expectation of holding the wheel of any of them, I'm happy with this result. As an added bonus I also acheived a personal best average speed of 29.5 kmh and new max speed of 69.7 kmh . My previous best average was 29.33 kmh and max speed was 68.33 on my own. Looks like the season still holds lots of promise.

As my wife and friend have noted, being dropped that Sunday several weeks ago may have been a gift in disguise. It resulted in my joining PFBC and hence to this ride. Thanks for all the support.

Distance: 41.35 km
Speed:  29.49 kmh
Cadence:  88 rpm
AVG HR:  151 bpm
Weight:  200.4 lbs


Monday, April 11, 2011

Swimming in a sea of mucus

Recoverying from a mild chest cold so I did not ride this weekend but since the weather was so nice and I'm feeling 80% better I figured I was good for a short ride to open the lungs and see what kind of fuild I could hackup.

I toyed with the idea of a longer ride while I was getting into kit but although it was warm, it was also windy.  So, with wind pushing me around and me swimming in a sea of mucus, the prospect of a longer ride quickly receded.

Instead I did a variation of Hope Church Loop. Instead of turning @ clemmonsville road I went straight. The route is normally 18K and I was looking for the magic 20K. I wondered if going straight would get me the extra 2K. It did. As an added bonus, there are several rollers instead of just on big downhill and one long uphill. It gave me more practice spinning up hills. A few were extra steep and I had to get out of the saddle so I also practiced powering over the top on those ones.

Did I mention I'm not fully recovered? Those last few hills put mucus production into overdrive and I think I hacked up a gallon of the sticky gooey mess on more than one occasion.

I anticipate that when it is less windy, and I'm healthier, this is going to be a fun little section.  Since they come at the end of the ride any improvement in endurance and climbing technique should be quickly noticeable.

Distance: 20.44 km
Speed:  25.6 kmh
Cadence:  82 rpm
AVG HR:  166 bpm
Weight:  201.6 lbs

P.S. Went to a funky new type of bike fitting system demo tonight as well. I think I just found my 190 lbs motivator. It was everything a bike geek like me dreams of. computers, numbers, biomechanical reflector stick figures on the computer screen..... oooooo I wants one.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My lying legs

Short ride Friday. The forecast called for rain after 3pm (when Janine finished work) so the chance of getting in a longer ride did not look good. So, I opted to shake out the legs and try a few hills on a short 18K loop between the end of class and when I had to pick J up.

The goal was to maintain a 60-70 cadence while out of the saddle, and stay out right over the top. Did that 5x. That turned out to be relatively easy since the hills were short and not too steep, so I had time to work on some other aspects of climbing. I practised moving my center of gravity around to find the place over the bike where maintaining a steady pedaling and breathing rhythmn seemed much easier. When I found it the bike almost seemed to float underneath me. When I got tired toward the top of a hill and leaned forward too much the bike became a beast being dragged through the mud. Quite an experience. When I noticed this I made a conscious effort to move myself back, even though my legs said they wanted to ease up and that they had nothing more to give, and found that they were lying. They did have more and it came from better positioning. 

Distance: 18.76 km
Speed:  27.43 kmh
Cadence:  80 rpm
AVG HR:  160 bpm
Weight:  201.6 lbs

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I don't remember learning

Second time out with PFBC Thursday. I was torn between trying the 17-20 mph group and riding with the social group again. Try something new or build on what I know? Given the rough few days I've been having, I decided to go out with the social group again. A lot of the same people were there with some absences and a few different folk. I'd estimate approximately a 50% turnover from last Thursday.

Just one group this week but it was a consistent group. We were able to keep a very steady pace and had a good paceline going on several occasions. Felt pretty good on the hills and was able to sustain a good steady pace on the front and had no difficulty the pace was being set by other. When I checked the garmin my HR was in the 60-65% range. The pace was also 2 kph faster than last time

I was surprised how much I remembered the route. Given I do not live in this area, every single road and turn is new with the added bonus that the road names are 90% identical to ones I'm familiar with in Winston. How's that for lacking in imagination? Just adds to the challenge I guess.

I remembered all but one turn but forgot the location of the biggest, funnest descent. It was further along the ride than I thought and I rode off the front to practice my descending and climbing out the other side in a place that did not actually have a big descent or hill. Ah well, live and learn.

Distance: 30.17 km
Speed:  25.53 kmh
Cadence:  83 rpm
AVG HR:  144 bpm
Weight:  203.2 lbs

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You know it's windy when...

You accelerate up a 4% grade ... without pedalling.
You pedal squares in 39/25 @ 60 rpm ... downhill.
You're trying to talk to yourself but can't hear what you're saying.
You begin wondering why the guys @ A2WT won't turn off the fan.
You can pass motor vehicles traveling in the same direction
You move sideways instead of forward


Distance: 18.71 km
Speed: 23.87 kmh
Cadence: 80 rpm
AVG HR: 157 bpm
Weight: 200.8 lbs

Monday, April 4, 2011

This is fun?

Another crappy day. No strength in the legs, no motivation. At least I got out on the road though. Finally started feeling beter on the final 2K home. It only took 30K.....

If there is anything positive about the ride was that I was able to spinup the hills with relative ease, even if it was in 39/25-23.

Distance: 31.99 km
Speed:  24.96 kmh
Cadence:  83 rpm
AVG HR:  148 bpm
Weight:  201.6lbs

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stop the training. It's time to enjoy

Felt like crap Saturday. Had no motiation, no stength in my legs and just not very interested riding. I'm feeling a litle burnt out I think. The steady and successful training regimen followed by the ego crushing group ride took away the joy. So, the next few days I'm just going to ride. I'll ride as fast or as slow as I like. I'm not going to train. I'm just going to ride and enjoy biking. It's no good training if it results in my no longer wanting to ride.

So, I went 30K and did not work on any element of riding. Very windy but enjoyable enough.

Distance: 32.46 km
Speed:  24.49 kmh
Cadence:  81 rpm
AVG HR:  147 bpm
Weight:  203.2 lbs

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Massaging the tender male ego

First group ride with Piedmont Flyers Bicycle Club. The club hs a number of different ride groups, based on average speed traveled, ranging from a beginner, social ride that rides 22-27kph, a 27-32kph group, a 32-37kph group and a 37+ kph group. I figured that this would give me something to strive for over the summer: moving up a category. However, given the debacle that was the TMK ride a few weeks ago, and to avoid any  further bruising of my tender ego, I decided my first ride would be with the 22-27kph social ride group. I'm currently on the cusp of the two groups and given my poor climbing ability, and the ride route for the 27-32 group, I was almost certain that I would be dropped early in the ride and I didn't think I could handle that.

I was glad I did. The people were really nice and several invited me to come ride with them on Saturday for a 70-80 K ride which was the distance I've been riding lately so it has a lot to recommend it. My only concern was that it may be too slow for my interests but I would make that decision after the ride and got a feel for how fast these folks were riding.

I ended up in a group that rode toward the faster end of the spectrum and it was really fun. There were four of us and our leader did an awesome job pacing. No yo-yoing up the hills, just a nice steady pace that two of us went in front of on some climbs and tucked in behind on the flats. She also indicated that she had ridden with the next group up and been dropped but was interested in doing again so when I try the other group I'll have a partner of similar ability to commissurate with on the climbs.

There were also lots of conversations about other group rides that I may try a little later. One in particular sounds like fun. It does several laps with each lap being faster than the last but because there are so many riders and it is not far from the beginning of the ride it will not be too demoralizing to get dropped while providing a good incentive to improve and make one more lap on later weeks.

At the end of the ride it looks like the Saturday ride will be too slow for my interests and even the faster group was a little slow for me but on days when I'm just interested in practicing pulling, and other group work this should be a good group to go with. I'm a little nervous about trying the next group up but I just need to suck it up and try and hope there will be someone to ride with when/if I get dropped too badly.

Fun group and ride on nice roads.

Distance: 30 km
Speed:  24.53 kmh
Cadence:  80 rpm
AVG HR:  131 bpm
Weight:  201.8 lbs