Friday, May 21, 2010

Reedy Creek - it's not as hard as it used to be

Fri, May 21, 2010 - 30.60 mi [Cycling]
30.60 mi in 01:49:06 hours at 16.83 mi/h on Orbea Volata. [Cycling] Wanted to put in 30 miles to start my first century week and it felt good. I focused on keeping the climbs on a high cadence (88-91) and in the 90-94% MHR. Very successful.

The hills that used to seem so daunting now seem much smaller (I've even stopped calling them climbs). Only the final 100+ feet @ ~8% on the Hope Church climb are tough now. Time to start ramping up my efforts.

On the final hill I focused on keeping the cadence steady and the MHR in range. "Keep it steady, keep it steady. Dial in back. Ramp it up, don't crank it up", I kept telling myself. It felt quite rewarding to successfully accomplish that tiny little thing.

On the final descent I've been practicing not braking and leaning into the turn. Scary as F*** and I did brake a little but each time.a little less. Quite a rush when I whip around that corner and make the next 90 degree turn at speed. ,

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.... a new personal best time. Previous was 16.82 mph and I wasn't trying for a personal best. a nice little capper to the day
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