Saturday, March 19, 2011

I think I'm ready for tomorrow

Just finished the longest ride so far this year. What I'm calling the Full Reedy-Creek Loop.  I wanted to just go on a longer ride without really pushing or LT, Climbing or TT work. Just ride, enjoy and check my endurance. I kept a nice steady cadence and keep the HR under control, typically ~80%. I went higher a couple of times for fun going over a hill but nothing sustained or impressive. The mental set I had was that I figured if I kept pedalling for most of this ride I should be fine on tomorrow's 120+ km ride. I'm anticipating the speed being a little slower than this ride and being in a group should result in less constant pedalling. I'm feeling confident about tomorrow.

I have to say, I was also surprised at my average speed. I was not thinking about speed at all today. It was about steadiness. So having this speed is pretty satisfying for this time of the year.

On a secondary note, I noticed on my cycling log (where I record the full data/details of these rides) that in Feb. I rode 406.01 km in 18:02h. So far this month, I've done 401.61 km in 15:27:34h. That quite a few hours less. Sweet.

Distance: 61.82 km
Speed: 27.89 kmh
Cadence: 82 rpm
AVG HR: 157 bpm
Weight: 202.4 lbs

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