Monday, March 14, 2011

In the immortal words of someone I once read

I read somewhere that the most important way to improve how well you do on a bike is ride with a purpose, make a plan and stick with that plan. The next most important way to improve it to be willing to change that plan as circumstances and your body dictate. Well, that's what I did last week. My body said stop, relax and go no where. I was, it appears, a little burned out so I missed a week of riding. Wanted to just get on the bike and enjoy the ride (which is a legit purpose btw). Monday I will adjust the training schedule, step back a week or so and start building again but this weekend I just wanted to ride. I went as hard or as easy as I felt like going. Did a few efforts but nothing sustained. Little rough at the start but seemed pretty comfortable sustaining a mid 80 cadence. Same for Sunday I think. FIrst 50K (Reedy Creek Loop) ride of the year so that's something.

Distance: 50.03 km
Speed: 27.31 kmh
Cadence: 84 rpm
AVG HR: 162 bpm
Weight: 204.4 lbs

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