Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lessons the road has taught me

First legit hill training day. Did all 3x10 intervals. 8 min @ 91-94% MHR and then all out for 2 minutes @ 95+%. Didn't quite do it perfectly but at least I gave it my all (I'll post the link after the Garmin site is back from maintainence).

Couple of observations for next time:

The first interval had actual hills so it was tough in the sense that getting into that range it taxing but not the effort itself.

The second interval started on the flats so I tried to ramp my HR up over the course of ~1 minute by pushing a bigger gear and lowering the cadence. That just lead to LA build up and sapped my ability to push my HR higher. I did get into the range but my breathing was really laboured. It was quite uncomfortable. Next time I to these workouts I'll try easier gearing with higher cadences to push the HR and make it more of an aerobic effort rather than anerobic. However, there were moments, once I got up to a faster cadence, when I got into a zone where the breathing was hard but regular and seemed sustainable. I'll try to find that zone again next time.

On the last interval I had the will to get over 95% but not the ability (probably from trying to turn over too large of a gear earlier). As much as I tried I could not get my HR above 94% on the all out 2 minute segment. The fact that I wanted to get higher also gave me confidence that I can do these efforts. I just need to get the feel for it. Doing these intervals on the road are really different than doing them on the trainer (Duh..) and I'll have to make adjustments as I move toward more outdoor riding with the coming of spring.

Not a perfect day but I did it and I see places where I can improve as well as how I might get there. Cautiously optimistic that I will get better as this type of effort.

Distance: 43.34 km
Speed:  26.97 kmh
Cadence: 79 rpm
AVG HR: 163 bpm
Weight: 203.0 lbs

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