Monday, February 14, 2011

Bit of a cockup

Bit of a cockup Sunday.

The weather was mid to high 50s so I planned on doing a road ride. Had a crazy busy morning and my body screamed Nap!  So, I did the workout indoors. But, I incorrectly entered it into the Garmin. The workout called for 2x 10 min intervals with 5 min RI. During the interval, I was supposed to alternate 2 minutes @ 60rpm then 2 min @ 100rpm. But what I actually entered  was (2 min@ 60 rpm then 2 min @ 100rpm) x 5, RI, repeat.

Luckily I realized after I had repeated the 100rpm for the 3rd time that something was note right (maybe it was the agony). Decided to lapout of the 5 min rest interval and the second 20 minute interval and get straight to the cool down.

In the end, I did the 20 minutes of alternating 60/100 every 2 minutes, just all in one go rather than split into two. Phew.

Distance: 17.56 km
Speed: 24.01 kmh
Cadence: 82 rpm
AVG HR: 162 bpm
Weight: 204.8 lbs

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