Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mixing it up to keep it fresh

Another slight modification from the F7(x4) workout. To get more practice climbing out of the saddle then sitting and continuing a hard effort, I modified where the standing element occurs in the interval. Now, each 4 minute interval starts with 2 minutes sitting @65-75rpm,  53-17, 1 minute standing in 53-14, followed by 1 minute sitting in 53-15 then the 2 minute RI.  Repeating this 4 times.

It went faster than I realized.  As I was getting through what I thought was the third interval I was thinking that the next one is going to be really really tough... then I looked down and it was cool down time.

I went above 90% HR for the last 2 intervals during the standing phase but only by 1-2%. I was trying to start the standing part @ about 86% max HR since the data shows that my HR increases 4% each minute while standing (surprisingly consistently) but later interval I started @ 88%. Very happy with this workout. Had to push the burn out of my mind and keep it out while keeping the cadence smooth and pedal in circles when it got harder in the second minute of the interval and keep the breathing under control, juggling these three elements relatively successfully for the first time.

Distance: 17.09 km

Speed:  23.85 kmh

Cadence:  78 rpm

AVG HR:  150 bpm

Weight:  209.4 lbs - don't believe it. I forgot to do this at my regular time and it was therefore under non standardized conditons.

February Weight Goal: 205 lbs

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