Thursday, February 3, 2011

I've exceeded my jnd

Noticable improvement over last week's MOB workout. I'm getting dialed in to where my efforts and gearing should be to accomplish each element and still get through the entire workout. I was tired at the end but not completely exhausted. There were some elements I will increase the difficulty on next time, others went more smoothly, and some were still difficult but noticeabely improved.

I was successful on the 5x30sec increase, 5x30sec decrease progressions. Last week I went through the progressions but was not able to hold the rpm. This week I started in 39-25 and kept the 100rpm throughout. Next week I'll maybe try starting on 39-23 or 39-21.

The scary monster that is the 10min sitting/standing progression intervals went better as well. First, I found the right gearing (in terms of being able follow the instructions of down 2, up 1) by starting in 53-21. The other improvment  was my ability able to hold the starting sitting 85 rpm goal and the standing cadence goal (my form is definitely improving, had good form for the first 2 standing intervals - very little weight on the handlebars and smooth(er) cadence without blowing my HR through the roof). Then things got rough. I could shift down 2 and stand for the minute as the gearing got harder, but the sitting and shifting up one was killing me. The workout called for 75-80 rpm and I was doing 40-50.

I kept grinding it out, focusing on the completing the progression rather than worrying about cadence, that will come. As we came out of the hole for the last 2 minutes (up 2, then up 1) I was able to dig deep and finished the final minute at the suggested 75 rpm. So I completed successfully, and started and finished in the right cadence. Now to start working on the recovery from standing elements and get those sitting cadences up.

Finally, ILT's were better this week. quite smooth and consistent and mostly held the 50 rpm. I'll try to bring it closer to the mid 50's next time then try increasing from 39-25 to 39-23.

Distance: 24.43 km

Speed:  20.66 kmh

Cadence:  79 rpm

AVG HR:  164 bpm

Weight:  205.0 lbs

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