Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bit of a rough patch

Going through a bit of a rough motivation patch right now. It was very tough to convince myself I should to Tuesday's session. I'm feeling tired, and a little mentally drained. Tuesday called for another tough 2x15 minutes intervals at high rpms at LT. I did the session though and now I'm glad I did. Afterwards I was reading my workout guide and it said to expect this at about this time. Next week is recovery week. This weeks sessions are a peak week of a mesocycle on top of a peak workout from the microcycle. I should be feeling all this if I'm doing my training correctly. So..... yeah???

Did 90rpm in 53-21 for the first 15 minute interval. It was difficult at first but eased as I got into the rhythm. Things got rough during minutes 10-13 but the final 2 minutes were sufferable since I had the RI coming. The second 15 minute interval was done in 53-23 @ 85-87rpm. Went over the 90% max HR once but eased off the cadence and everything was fine.

I really had to focus on my rhythm to get me through the second set. When I relaxed and pushed with the legs rather than the lowerback it seemed easier. Which is what I needed. This 15 minutes lasted forever! My legs ached, and my breathing ragged but I still got into a smooth cadence every now and then, which kept me going.

Tough day physically and mentally. Glad I did it rather than skip today like I wanted.

Distance: 22.80 km
Speed: 23.8 kph
Cadence: 86 rpm
Average HR: 163 bpm
Weight: 204.6 lbs

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