Saturday, February 12, 2011


Sorry for the delayed posting. This was a brutal week on many fronts but I survived to make another post.

Another typically brutal mob turbo workout on Wednesday. Getting better at judging the gear to effort required on the TT duration and rpm calls. Did better on the sit/stand interval in terms of recovering from standing and the ILT's were done @ a higher gear for the first time.

The workout had a new element tonight. Five 1 minute intervals of 45" at a given rpm then a 15" sprint. Tough. My cadence fell below the suggested rpm after each sprint but was able to recover to the rpm by the time I got to the next sprint.

OW! I was exhausted at the end of this nasty little event. Everyweek I curse the guys @ Mock for their brutality. Then I experience some improvement and I praise them. Then I come back for more. I'm pretty sure this is some type of pathology. I'm just not sure what type.

Distance: 25.22 km

Speed: 22.31 kmh

Cadence: 79 rpm

AVG HR: 165 bpm

Weight: 204 lbs

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