Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some promising early observations

Good solid effort on the road Saturday. During the 2x 15 min intervals. I got about 7K in on each 15 min effort using the sections of the route with the most climbing. Of the 385 meters of climbing, ~220 was done during the intervals.

I had difficulty maintaining the cadence zone given the terrain and bike handling was sketchy with my constant shifting. I'm thinking it might be better to find gearing that approximates the desired cadence for the route profile and go with that rather than struggling to maintain a particular cadence. As long as I keep the HR in the right zone I should still be accomplising the desired task.

The other cool thing about the ride was that I did this route at a pace that I had not reached until the end of June last year. The average speed included the intervals, the ~20 minutes of gentle warmup riding and ~20 minutes of easy easy gear cool down. I'm really interested in how I'll do when I get to give it full gas.

Lastly, some notices for charity, and other event, rides are starting to roll in to the LBS. I think I'll check/adjust my training schedule to achieve one of my peaks sometime during the 6 week TT series being put on by MOB this year. A TT should be good personal best type competition in a context of a realistic race event (i.e., fans cheering, crossing a line, cow bells etc.) that should be a fun introduction to bike racing without making myself feel bad.

Distance: 32.23 km

Speed: 26.51 kmh

Cadence: 87 rpm

AVG HR: 160 bpm

Weight: 205.6 lbs

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