Monday, January 31, 2011

The day that almost was

The weather was awesome Sunday. Warm, very little breeze and sunny. A perfect day to get out and ride. No tights. not base layer needed. just one layer of gloves. I was really looking forward to the chance to try some intervals on real hills.

Unfortunately, the nap monster came for a visit and the compulsion to lay my head on a comfy pillow for a short time was stronger than the desire to expend and burn some calories in the open air. The nap started in early afternoon and I fully expected to wake up in plenty of time to still get out on the road. 30 minutes, 45 minutes tops. Well...... 90 minutes later the sun was going down and it was too late for a ride :(. Oh well. There will be more days in the future.

So I did the workout indoors instead. Today called for another 20 minutes in LT zone but it was split into a 2x 10 @ 83-90% max for the first time. First set was relatively easy and successfully focused on keeping the upper body loose and keeping the cadence smooth @ ~58 rpm in 53-15. Second set as more difficult and had to really focus in the first 5 min. The arms felt a weak and wobbly. Keeping the body as loose as last time was more challenging. Focused on keeping the breathing regular, consuming my liquids and putting the power in through the legs rather than my back and arms as much as possible and not getting worked up over the the loss on one element when the rest were still under control. The first half of the second set was rough and was wondering if I would have to gear down to keep that cadence and HR in the desired zones. But, I seemed to break through some sort of effort barrier and got into a zone for the second 5 minutes. Everything seemed to get easier. Well not easier but more of a rhythm that made it seem just that little bit more bearable.

Distance: 16.24 km

Speed:  21.18 kmh

Cadence:  75 rpm

AVG HR:  159 bpm

Weight:  207.8 lbs

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