Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting dialed in

Another day of LT training. Starting to get the groove. It looks like I can get into 53-17 @85rpm and have the HR slowly build up to desired max 15 min later (today's duration). I popped over 90% with 30 sec left.

I'm starting to see improvements on all fronts. Relaxing the upper body went better. Cadence was definitely smoother. Able to to keep the breathing and HR under control during the last few minutes.

Oh, and in case anyone has been tracking my weight... I've seen the return of sub 210 after this weekends bacchanalian wine consumption (2 bottles), and gorging myself to a state of bloatation on rich and creamy lamb, goat, and cheese Indian dishes with overloaded sideboards of naan. That really pushed up the pounds rather quickly and it looks like it took several days to work its way through the system but all is better now.

Distance: 15.07 km

Speed:  27.4 kmh

Cadence:  86 rpm

AVG HR:  157 bpm

Weight:  209 lbs

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