Saturday, January 22, 2011

Salem lake AND a trainer ride all in one day

Bit of an oops day. Went around the lake with Eric on the Kona but forgot to reset the Garmin when I got home to do my scheduled training workout on the Orbea. So both rides are part of a single data set.

Wanted to do a separate workout on the Orbea rather than trying to work it into my ride with Eric since he is a little less fit and today was the first LT/strength workout. My effort was going to get up there and a 15 minute ride at this level would have left him behind. Not a desireable outcome if I'm trying to encourage others to ride more. So I just came home and hopped on the trainer without getting out of the tights, wool socks, and underlayer.

Distance: 27.59 km

Speed:  21.41 kmh

Cadence:  87 rpm

AVG HR:  147 bpm

Weight:  208.2 lbs

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