Sunday, January 23, 2011

My legs are burning!

Second day doing LT work. Spend most of the very short "easy" day trying to determine gear ratios to allow my HR to start low and end high after a 10min extended steady effort @ 55-60rpm. So far 53-13 keeps me around 78-81% for 3-4 minutes and moving into 53-11 for the final minute raised it from ~80 to 88%.

Also tried to keep the upperbody and arms relaxed and focus on putting the power in through the legs and core alone. Not completely successful. I tended to tense up over time but, when I noticed, I was able to re-relax everything.

By the end the legs were starting to feel the burn, my upperbody was relaxed and HR was increasing @ the desired rate. I think I got everything about right for maybe 30 secs. Now for improvement....

Distance: 13.53 km

Speed:  26.2 kmh

Cadence:  75 rpm

AVG HR:  143 bpm

Weight:  211.8 lbs


Anonymous said...

"I tended to tense up over time but, when I noticed, I was able to re-relax everything" I could have written that exact line about EVERY time I ride...need to relax more.

Yesterday you were 208 -- today 211. Eat rocks for breaky? te

DNA The Splice of Life said...

Yeah. I noticed the big increase and was hoping it was a heavy gravity day and the next day it would be back to a 209/210 level. I figured it would go up since I had a BIG Indian meal with cashew and almost paste cream sauce with lamb, cheese and peas with cream sauce, mango chicken .... and cream sauce. We ate late so I was crossing my fingers the increase reflected a little extra leftovers in ye old digestive tract... alas it appears to have been real.