Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Motion to recommit

It's been a while since I posted to this blog but, given I've committed myself to cycling up a category 2 mountain this summer, it seems appropriate to document this sorry attempt I engage in for posterity and possible ridicule. As such, I submit my first post for the 2011 season: the Lactate Threshold Heart Rate Test (LTHR).

Today was the LTHR test. That was tough! Took a little time to adjust to the new front crank but I was back in a rhythm by the end of the 16 min warm-up. Probably started a little hot in the first 10 min of the TT but was settled in for when it counted: the final 20 minutes. I had to gear down twice during the 20 min phase as a result of starting so hot, but pretty happy with how it went overall.

Given I'm doing this inside, on a bicycle hooked to a trainer preventing me from going anywhere, I had lots of time to let my mind wander. A couple of interesting bike relevant observations were (I'll leave out for the moment my thoughts of the role that Chromatin plays in phenotype): The first 10 (of the 20 min) seemed OK but seemed to last forever. The next five was a good steady hard effort but was wondering if I could make it the full 20 min and contributed to my gearing down. When I got to less than 3 min I got a boost to my motivation since the end was in sight. Where was that drive 4 minutes ago? Well, I got through it and have the numbers I need to start my build towards climbing the big mountains this summer.

AVG HR for last 20 min: 192 bpm.
AVG cadence: 89 rpm
20 min Distance: 9.66 km
Speed: 29 kmh
Weigh: 213.8 lb

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