Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not working out is hard

First training day. Scheduled a low level short endurance ride where I had to keep my rpm's above 90 but my HR between 60 and 69% max. This was a little more challenging than I expected. I expected to do this workout and just alter the future training to be more challenging but I had to actually pay attention. It is surprisingly easy to spin up to greater than 70%. Get a little far over the bars and your breathing get constricted and HR goes up. Let your rpm's drift up to 95 and your HR quickly rises to the ceiling. Slow down to 90 and HR starts dropping quickly to the floor value.

Distance: 15.74 km

Speed: 18.9 kmh

Cadence: 93

AVG HR: 136 bpm

Weight: 210.8 lbs

1 comment:

WryAndGinger said...

I'd have been challenged not to pull over and throw up.

So well done you!