Friday, January 28, 2011

Good News/Bad News

As if anticipating that Thursday would feel a little rough, the training program I'm using has today an easier endurance training day. After 3 LT workouts + the brutal workout from last night I was dreading another LT workout. Imagine my surprise (and might I say joy) that today's schedule called for 15 minutes of steady riding at a HR below 81% for this particular workout. It took some real focus to stay on track but I'm glad I chose to workout today and build off the push I gave last night. I'll reap the longterm benefits and Friday is a scheduled rest day to wash away all the lactic acid and start the next week's LT building block.

Today had other good news for me. Today I popped over the distance I rode in January in 2010, so a goal of riding more each month than the year before remains viable and there are 2 more scheduled training days and 2 days where I'll be using the Kona to commute between classes to push that even higher. The other thing I liked about this month was that, as I compared this year's calendar with last year's, I consistently rode more days. The distance per ride was lower but I think the greater consistency will give me a better base. Last year was my best ever on overall distance, avg overall speed, best speed at several different distances, best distances on a single ride and several other metrics so this start will give me a little ray of sun bask in as I head into the dark dreary days of coming February.

On the bad news side, I got a little off track with my heathier eating habits. Had a bag of chips Wednesday, pizza Thursday, did not have my morning smoothie this morning. This it will show up in the weight over the next few day's I'm sure. Not too concerned though since my weight goal for January was 210 and I'm confident I'll be below that come Jan. 31.

Distance: 10.86 km

Speed:  18.62 kmh

Cadence:  95 rpm

AVG HR:  141 bpm

Weight:  206 lbs

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