Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jaunty Salem Lake Cruising

Another endurance workout planned for Saturday's ride. However, Eric wanted to go around Salem lake and invited Dustin and myself along. Since I was scheduled for a light hour long ride I agreed. Was a little skeptical I would be able to accomplish the 60 minute ride @ 77-85% max HR and  the 90-110 rpm given the trail was covered in ice, snow and muck. I also was a little concerned that I might push him and/or Dustin too hard or, given the light nature of the workout, go too slow. 

It was cool but after we got going, it was great biking. The snow was crunchy and allowed good grip for the tires and you could get along the trail nicely as long as you paid attention. The ice was sparse and easy to avoid while the muck laden sections on the north side of the lake were neither deep nor wide. I don't think there was enough time for the ground to thaw and as a result it was easy to ride and worth every last mud caked spattering moment.

Everything went well until the last climb which was still in the shade. Very little of the snow had melted, but one section (right after we took a hairpin turn) had thawed and refroze after some other cyclists had gone through. The tracks were very very slick and rutted.  I hit them a little off balance and had to reacte quickly to stay up and on the path. I bit of an adrenaline rush there. Dustin also made it, adjusting his gearing after seeing what I went through, but Eric was not as lucky. He had to put his foot down onto the ice and almost went down. Good on him for staying upright though! 

Finshed the trail in about 55 minute. The workout had 10 minutes warm up, 60 minute spinning and 5 minute cool down so after biding adieu to my cycling partners I went back out on the trail to finish it off. With only 2-3 brief exceptions (getting up some particularly short steep sections ) I was able to keep the HR and the cadence in the desired range. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the ride.

And so begins Week 2 of the first microcycle.

Distance: 16.86 km

Speed: 14.12 kmh

Cadence: 97 rpm

AVG HR: 154 bpm

Weight: 210 lbs

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