Sunday, April 17, 2011

A nice follow up

Personal best average speed on the Centenary Church Loop route today, and pretty dang close to a personal best overall. Two things seemed to fall into place today. One, I found a rhythm that allowed me to keep a steady cadence doing the full stroke while in the saddle without sending my legs into lactic acid overload. Two, I found a rhythm that allowed me to attack the hills, getting out of the saddle when the grade went over 3-4% but not red-lining it. When the grade backed off and I sat back down I still had the strength to straight back into a strong steady cadence. It kept the progress a whole lot steadier.

Distance: 32.67 km
Speed:  29.01 kmh
Cadence:  82 rpm
AVG HR:  147 bpm
Weight:  203.1 lbs

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