Sunday, April 10, 2011

My lying legs

Short ride Friday. The forecast called for rain after 3pm (when Janine finished work) so the chance of getting in a longer ride did not look good. So, I opted to shake out the legs and try a few hills on a short 18K loop between the end of class and when I had to pick J up.

The goal was to maintain a 60-70 cadence while out of the saddle, and stay out right over the top. Did that 5x. That turned out to be relatively easy since the hills were short and not too steep, so I had time to work on some other aspects of climbing. I practised moving my center of gravity around to find the place over the bike where maintaining a steady pedaling and breathing rhythmn seemed much easier. When I found it the bike almost seemed to float underneath me. When I got tired toward the top of a hill and leaned forward too much the bike became a beast being dragged through the mud. Quite an experience. When I noticed this I made a conscious effort to move myself back, even though my legs said they wanted to ease up and that they had nothing more to give, and found that they were lying. They did have more and it came from better positioning. 

Distance: 18.76 km
Speed:  27.43 kmh
Cadence:  80 rpm
AVG HR:  160 bpm
Weight:  201.6 lbs

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