Friday, April 15, 2011

Group Practice

Fun ride tonight. With our glorious leader Bob holding down the back end of the ride for the more leisurely inclined, I had the responsibility of covering the front. I've ridden the route twice now and know the route so when a new rider, keen to going faster, went of the front I jumped across to catch up with him and another new to the route, holding them up at the regrouping spots, and putting in some long pulls when we got going. I figured it was a good opportunity to practice judging how fast those behind me could go without yo-yoing or completely dropping them. Did better than past efforts and it was fun working with people of similar ability. On the last part of the course I got to spend a little time in the 90% MHR range without blowing up and ended up doing an OK pace.

Distance: 30.27 km
Speed:  28.17 kmh
Cadence:  85 rpm
AVG HR:  151 bpm
Weight:  199.8 lbs (second time below 200 this year so pretty happy with that too)

1 comment:

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