Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An opportunity disguised as a problem

Sunday was the first day on the road without the garmin. I planned on a long ride but, while it was sunny and warm, it was too windy to be very fun for long. So, just went for 30K and tried to get a feel for what efforts felt like when I did not have my HR available. The transition back was more difficult than I imagined. I overcooked early hills but by the end I got a better feel for how I had to dose my effort.

I figure about the time I've successfully transitioned back to riding without HR data should be about when I get the garmin returned. But, my first ride back I will hide the HR data and ride like "normal" to examine the HR data later. I'll test of my effort judging ability. An opportunity disguised as a problem.

Distance: 32.12 km
Speed:  26.15 kmh
Cadence:  82 rpm
AVG HR:  ?? bpm
Weight:  202.4 lbs

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