Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm all a twitter with excitement

Just a short ride to get some distance in the legs and to test what I learned yesterday.

I did the same route as April 11, attacking the hills when the grade became greater than 3% and trying to maintain 60-70 rpm but sitting down when it wasn't and transition back to a higher spin of 80+ rpm. I can't say it was perfect but I did the first 10 K 1.8 kph faster and the second 10 K 1.6 kph faster.

Also, on a mixed note, my Edge 500's locking tabs snapped off yesterday so I had to tape it to the bike until I can find a repair solution. But, I also discovered the can actually give turn by turn directions on the fly (when used with a website that adds the cue sheet info directly into a downloadable file). It works! I'm all a twitter with excitement.

Distance: 20.46 km
Speed:  27.35 kmh
Cadence:  81 rpm
AVG HR:  161 bpm
Weight:  201.8 lbs

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