Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stop the training. It's time to enjoy

Felt like crap Saturday. Had no motiation, no stength in my legs and just not very interested riding. I'm feeling a litle burnt out I think. The steady and successful training regimen followed by the ego crushing group ride took away the joy. So, the next few days I'm just going to ride. I'll ride as fast or as slow as I like. I'm not going to train. I'm just going to ride and enjoy biking. It's no good training if it results in my no longer wanting to ride.

So, I went 30K and did not work on any element of riding. Very windy but enjoyable enough.

Distance: 32.46 km
Speed:  24.49 kmh
Cadence:  81 rpm
AVG HR:  147 bpm
Weight:  203.2 lbs

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