Saturday, April 9, 2011

I don't remember learning

Second time out with PFBC Thursday. I was torn between trying the 17-20 mph group and riding with the social group again. Try something new or build on what I know? Given the rough few days I've been having, I decided to go out with the social group again. A lot of the same people were there with some absences and a few different folk. I'd estimate approximately a 50% turnover from last Thursday.

Just one group this week but it was a consistent group. We were able to keep a very steady pace and had a good paceline going on several occasions. Felt pretty good on the hills and was able to sustain a good steady pace on the front and had no difficulty the pace was being set by other. When I checked the garmin my HR was in the 60-65% range. The pace was also 2 kph faster than last time

I was surprised how much I remembered the route. Given I do not live in this area, every single road and turn is new with the added bonus that the road names are 90% identical to ones I'm familiar with in Winston. How's that for lacking in imagination? Just adds to the challenge I guess.

I remembered all but one turn but forgot the location of the biggest, funnest descent. It was further along the ride than I thought and I rode off the front to practice my descending and climbing out the other side in a place that did not actually have a big descent or hill. Ah well, live and learn.

Distance: 30.17 km
Speed:  25.53 kmh
Cadence:  83 rpm
AVG HR:  144 bpm
Weight:  203.2 lbs

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