Thursday, April 28, 2011

Data scarcity: Part II

Wednesday's ride data is brought to you by "NoData ". When you want to be completely in the dark about your ride, rely on "NoData " to give you exactly what you want. It appears that the connection between the cyclometer and the front wheel sensor has broken. Shortly into the ride I realized I was just getting cadence. No speed, time, or distance. Nothing. Grr. I hate it when I rely on tech and it fails.

To compensate, I took a quick look at my phone for "start time" and again at the end for a best estimate. I had the route distance from several weeks ago so I could get a pretty good estimate. This would have been fine except at the end of Lap 2 someone got a flat and so we took an unkown amount of time to get him back on the road. So, today's numbers are clearly an under estimate of my speed.

We had a much smaller starting group (~6) but we picked up several riders on the road so we had 10-14 at various points on the ride. Further,  tonight was not a "recovery" ride. It was windy, we had regular showers with big heavy raindrops and I had an elevated HR rate for a good part of each "easy" loop. I made a point of not taking a pull after I brought everyone from Hampton road to the first turn  (~3.5 K) and even then it was an effort to sit in.

On the last loop a rider went off the front as we came off the dip and no one caught her. I started 3 or 4 back and there were gaps between all of us but I was able to bridge up to number 2 and after a short downhill, powered past when the grade went positive again. I settled into a rhythm to try and bridge. I knew it was not going to be easy, but I tried to find a pace fast enough to bridge but not completely blowup. I pulled back some distance but eventually went into the red so I dialed it back a notch and accepted I would not catch her. On the positive side though, I did not blowup and continued pushing a hard steady tempo @ ~90rpm, just at a slightly lower effort. While she continued pulling away, it was not as fast as I expected so I was satisfied with that last effort.

On the way back to the shop I asked her how hard she was going, girding myself for something like, "Oh, it was a recovery ride, so only 80%". But she said she was going all out and hit 45 kph at some point so I must have been doing something similar, maybe 2-3 kph slower.

Really miss my Garmin :(.

Distance: 41.3 km
Speed:  27.23 kmh
Cadence:  ?? rpm
AVG HR:  ?? bpm
Weight:  201.8 lbs

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