Monday, April 11, 2011

Swimming in a sea of mucus

Recoverying from a mild chest cold so I did not ride this weekend but since the weather was so nice and I'm feeling 80% better I figured I was good for a short ride to open the lungs and see what kind of fuild I could hackup.

I toyed with the idea of a longer ride while I was getting into kit but although it was warm, it was also windy.  So, with wind pushing me around and me swimming in a sea of mucus, the prospect of a longer ride quickly receded.

Instead I did a variation of Hope Church Loop. Instead of turning @ clemmonsville road I went straight. The route is normally 18K and I was looking for the magic 20K. I wondered if going straight would get me the extra 2K. It did. As an added bonus, there are several rollers instead of just on big downhill and one long uphill. It gave me more practice spinning up hills. A few were extra steep and I had to get out of the saddle so I also practiced powering over the top on those ones.

Did I mention I'm not fully recovered? Those last few hills put mucus production into overdrive and I think I hacked up a gallon of the sticky gooey mess on more than one occasion.

I anticipate that when it is less windy, and I'm healthier, this is going to be a fun little section.  Since they come at the end of the ride any improvement in endurance and climbing technique should be quickly noticeable.

Distance: 20.44 km
Speed:  25.6 kmh
Cadence:  82 rpm
AVG HR:  166 bpm
Weight:  201.6 lbs

P.S. Went to a funky new type of bike fitting system demo tonight as well. I think I just found my 190 lbs motivator. It was everything a bike geek like me dreams of. computers, numbers, biomechanical reflector stick figures on the computer screen..... oooooo I wants one.

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